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Unlock the World's Largest Carbon Market

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Carbon Trading Unleashed

CC Token is bringing the world's largest carbon ecosystem onto the blockchain for the first time ever,

By linking our coin to EUA Carbon Credits, our token opens the door for consumers to the European Union Emissions Trading System.

Through buying and holding CC Token you have an impact on how some of the world's largest polluters do business.

The Future of Carbon Trading

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Democratising Carbon Markets

Support Our Planet's Future




1. What is CCT?

CCT is linked to the European Union Carbon Allowance. These Carbon Credits are traded on the EU ETS, the world's largest regulated market which makes up 90% of the world global carbon market. 

2. What are European Carbon Markets?

EU Allowances (EUAs) are a form of carbon allowance used as the main currency in the EU Emissions Trading Scheme (EU ETS). The EU ETS is a form of Carbon Emissions Trading Scheme whereby total emissions are capped, carbon credits are allocated (freely or by auction) and companies are allowed to trade their carbon credits between themselves.

This, theoretically, results in companies competing to reduce emissions and ultimately to the cap being met by reducing emissions at the lowest total cost. EUA carbon trading is a global market with companies around the world actively participating however most trading, as would be expected, comes from companies within Europe. Carbon trades in European business hours but to keep both continental European utilities and London based companies happy these run from 7am to 5pm GMT.

3. Why CC Token?

The entry barrier for regulated carbon trading is prohibitively high. The market is dominated by large utility suppliers and industrial conglomerates, only allowing small and medium-sized industrial companies to access spot market, and even more restricted access for retail investors. Furthermore, the existing carbon crypto projects mostly operate in the voluntary carbon market, such as Klima DAO, Single Earth or Toucan Protocol.

4. What is our Business Model?

CC tokens Ltd (hereafter the “Company”) is a Cayman Based company company that develops, maintains, and markets the CC Token.

The Company owns the immaterial rights of the software components related to the ecosystem.

The Company will be remunerated with 10% of the CC Token at the inception of the ecosystem.

5. Where/when can I buy CC Token?

Initial Token Offering - 24rd March on BitMartListing.

6. How does the DAO work?

Participants in the DAO will be owners and managers of the entire CC network. Initially, the decision-making will reside with the founding team. Gradually, it will involve early investors, community leads, asset owners. Ultimately, CC token owners collectively will decide the direction of travel for the entire ecosystem. 

Our first subDAO - CC Startup DAO aims to support the growth of the CC ecosystem. $25,000 fiat + $25,000 CC tokens will be committed initially to support the young and rising digital climate projects. Startups can apply for the funding via the application form on CC website.


Million Kg

CO2 Allowance in Reserves


Each CC Token represents 1Kg of Carbon. We guarantee 100% transparency about our EUA holdings which are held in custody with Societe Generale and audited by PWC.